October 26, 2009

Dylan's Dad

I was pleasantly awakened by a call from an old friend from high school yesterday morning . He and his friends are in the middle of an ambitious road down to San Diego and Las Vegas and are were in need of a place to crash ... Anyhow , in all the years that we've known each other , Dylan had never told me his Dad is a senior photographer for Reuters Canada .This was very interesting news ... 

Andy Clark      www.clarkfoto.ca

Today while reading Robert Hirsch's Exploring Color Photography , I came across a photo by William Lesch of Tuscon , AZ . The discovery of this guy's photography has been the highlight of my week , so far ... 

"With a large-format camera mounted on a tripod , an initial daylight exposure was made on daylight film , the shutter was closed , and the camera and film left in position until after dark. Then the shutter was opened and another series of exposures, using a small, battery-powered light with colored gels,was made on the same piece of film."   

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