January 29, 2010

The Holidayz ... in Canada !

Epic !

hella fog

party house


marking territory 

East Van

sad but true

there was a stabbing down the street ...


jungle trekking

top notch !

no doot eh !

rebel without a cause


Ned in action ...

'zza time !

Happy Birthday Avers !!

East Van ( now featuring East Van cross ... )

portrait studio

Bill Lee

Uncle Fatih's 

roller's rights 

1st picture of 2010 

 price tag : $400 

Sushi Station


They'll beat your team !

Mmmmm , thanks Dad's new girlfriend !

they're coming ....

three renegades

she just couldn't hold it

the beginning of the end


Baby GaGa

self portrait with horses

Daisy : the stoner

retired whip

spooky house 

down by the river

more trekking

New Years Eve : middle of nowhere 

yup !

le maison de mon Pere 

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Anonymous said...

fuck yah NED!!!!
more NED!!!!