September 17, 2009

This guy's got some great stuff (that is , if you're into stuff that is great) .
Jason Nocito :

I'm by no means a fan of Mary Kate Olson , but this one's been on my desktop for the last couple weeks ...

Dan Winters will be giving a presentation next Wednesday at the Academy of Art here in San Francisco. You should go !

This guy Chase Jarvis is pretty on-point and seems to really like the word "epic" :

Found these browsing the ol' Facebook . I wish I were one of the guys in this first picture right now . 

Rad ! These two had been on my computer forever, and while I can't remember the photographers , the bottom one was from an issue of Mass Appeal Magazine about a year ago . 

Art school student self-portraits : always good for a chuckle ...


Cody-B said...

Whats goin on in that first pic?

Anonymous said...

ummmm , couldn't tell ya buddy , I wasn't there . But it looks like some kind of gnarly party ..... fun !